12 SEO trends in 2020 that will influence your digital world

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique that is constantly changing. SEO is vital for website owners, digital marketers, and brands because, with the help of an SEO, the websites appear in searches when someone asks a query. It enhances the visibility of a website in SERPs that results in more traffic to the website.

Google makes a lot of changes in its search algorithms each year. Though most changes are minimal, they do end up impacting the search rankings. Some of the SEO trends in 2020 include the following:

  • #1 SEO Trend 2020 – Snippets do dominate huge search clicks

    In recent years, Google has geared to propose an improved user experience for its users, like via Featured Snippets. Commonly, featured snippets appear over the number one organic result, which is known as “Position 0.” For taking huge benefit of this feature plus drive more clicks, you require providing clear answers to the commonly asked queries on your site. Featured Snippets get evaluated besides boosted to the topmost position based on their quality that Google has a method of determining. These Snippets create a superb chance for a content creator as it provides him the capability to generate impressive organic traffic when he isn’t ranked at the number one position.
Google Featured Snippets
  • #2 SEO Trend 2020 – Influencer marketing

    Most often, people feel inundated by an intrusive ad, and they hunt for the info that emerges as authentic and trusted reviews, and it has resulted in an upsurge in influencer marketing. This is a fact that people love to get engaged with a well-known and respected person compared to ad and media companies, and digital marketers are escalating their security in influencer marketing as it has created impressive outcomes. When you partner with or hire an influencer, then it can aid you in amplifying your content reach besides generating more traffic to your site, and it can also aid you in developing important backlinks and most often, backlinks are one of the highly important factors that are used by Google at the time of evaluating the ranking of a web page.

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  • #3 SEO Trend 2020 –Artificial intelligence

    It is not possible to ignore the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) as it has turned into a groundbreaking force in the development of SEO. The most recent phase in the advancement of AI is the familiarization of BERT (Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding) that Google did announce towards the finishing of October. BERT is considered the neural network-based process of Google for natural language processing. This is vital as it handles the basics of the method in which people search. With the help of BERT, Google gets an improved understanding of the method in which language is being used, and it aids in comprehending the setting of individual words in a search. 

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  • #4 SEO Trend 2020 – Utilization of various other search engines

    Presently, Google is viewed as the finest internet search engine which is obtainable, and it is busy updating its platform constantly for augmenting user experiences. However, there are present other search engines too that have competition with Google. Some platforms, such as Amazon, need people to enhance their content grounded on their standards besides smaller search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, Bing, and YouTube. Hence, before you post content on your site, you need to make sure that you can possess an impressive ranking on various other search-enabled platforms.

  • #5 SEO Trend 2020 – Secured websites

    Another vital trend is user safety, and it doesn’t appear to have too much involvement with SEO, although it has got lots of importance to the user experience of the website. When a user does not feel safe visiting web pages, then he is likely to leave it fast. Again, when users notice a warning like “Not Secure,” then they are unlikely to proceed to a page. Due to this, high bounce rankings could influence that page’s position in the listing of organic search. This is vital to allow HTTPS procedure for a person’s site as HTTPS provides a site user a highly secured connection that is both genuine and encoded. Based on the version of Google, HTTPS is helpful in several ways that it doesn’t allow impostors to interfere with the interactions that go on between the browsers of your users and the websites. Google wishes to propose to its users with a highly safe browsing involvement. Hence, those who implement HTTPS might come across a slight SEO boost. 

    So, when you attempt to accumulate personal info from the users on your site through a web form, then you get a liability to shield their privacy. And so, it is hugely vital to guarantee your users that their data remains shielded for the period they remain glued on the page. Still, there happen many susceptibilities on the web though there are novice security measures that can be used on your website regularly.
  • #6 SEO Trend 2020 – Voice Search Optimization

    Prior to the existence of groundbreaking smartphones, people did a search by inserting words into the boxes of search engines on their computers. Keywords began to evolve from this nature, and with the increasing utilization of mobile devices, different voice searches are turning into a well-known trend amongst countless internet users. The remarkable thing is these searches aren’t accomplished on the phones alone, but users can also perform on different home voice assistants, like Amazon Echo, Voice Pod, Samsung smart television, among many others. The method of knowing the process of optimizing your site for the purpose of voice search would aid you in generating impressive organic traffic when you have a good understanding of and apply relaxed searches into your strategy of SEO.

    However, the question which remains unanswered is how do voice searches do alter SEO? Actually, voice searches do affect SEO remarkably as it deals with asking queries through voice in place of inputting search queries, and as a result, the terms have turned out to be highly directed and informal.

    Nonetheless, when you use voice searches, then the search engines do lots of work for getting the reliable info that you hunt for at that moment, thus, make brief choppy keywords unimportant. And this alteration is coming up, taking into consideration that towards 2020, it is hoped that above 50 percent of every internet user would be initiated via voice. So, your content must adapt to this novice trend for setting it apart in the present search engines. 
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  • #7 SEO Trend 2020 – Accelerated Mobile Pages

    When you think about SEO Services’ website and wondering how it will look like along with AMP, then it becomes unimaginable. The websites that do huge benefits from AMP happen to be publishing websites, and these sites produce content. Commonly, when a person integrates AMP for standardizing his mobile responsive pages, then he becomes successful in putting readability and speed as his topmost priority over other things, and it includes share ability too.
AMP Page

  • #8 SEO Trend 2020 – Video optimization

    As voice searches are turning hugely popular with each passing day, the videos that are obtainable on the internet, too, are getting more well-known exponentially. From the studies which have been made on Google plus various other organizations, it has been discovered that six out of ten people love to watch various online videos in comparison to television, and so, in numerous ways, it has become apparent that YouTube has become the new television. Present users of the internet, particularly younger and millennials opt to get info via online videos either for amusement or academic purposes, and that is the reason; implementing online videos must be on the sensor for the majority of the businesses. The quality videos are capable of numerous enticing users when it emerges as dynamic and does not make viewers put to sleep.

    Now, if you don’t know how does it influence SEO, then be known that for reaching out to more and more people with the help of your videos, you require optimizing it for a search user. For doing this, you need to utilize ideal keywords, and it will ensure that your videos reach out to many people who take an interest in that subject.
  • #9 SEO Trend 2020 – CTR, as well as dwell time, will turn into vital ranking factors

    – With people becoming more familiar with lightning-fast internet connections plus getting the information right at their fingertips, email CTR and website besides dwell time would matter more for the success of their efforts of SEO. Both CTR and dwell time are vital because they reflect greater insight into the web searchers’ satisfaction. The period that people linger on pages or various links that people click can inadvertently inform you, the marketer, about the interest that they show in your content and if they discover the info, they require. 

    When you devote a lot of time on a page, then it commonly indicates your satisfaction that you get from that page. People hope search engines to put great worth on dwell time. However, the important thing that you need to think is in SEO dwell time is unlike CTR because CTR does track the number of individuals who click on a link grounded on the number of people who viewed the SERP. Contrarily, dwell time happens to be more interested in what a person does when he clicks on a page and not individuals who click on it.

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  • #10 SEO Trend 2020 – Superior-quality content is more vital

    Online advertisements continue to work for driving business, but they will turn costlier in the forthcoming years. However, unluckily, there isn’t any guarantee that customers would give a response to your ads as 91% of the entire ad spent gets viewed for lesser than a second, and this resulted in wastage of $38 billion in a digital advertisement in the year 2017. This is the reason; forming superior quality content happens to be a vital factor of effectual SEO policies as users always hunt for the content, which turns out to be timely, helpful, and relevant. People also approach a search engine with their queries, and their web pages require delivering answers. Hence, content should be well-researched, and it needs to have a rational structure so that people can read and navigate it smoothly.

    A Good-quality and educational article happens to be the only kind of content that will escalate the popularity of a website in the year 2020, and online consumers are fast in detecting and ignoring blog articles and web pages that appear to be highly salesy. People also look for educational content, like podcasts, blog posts, infographics, videos, etc.

  • #11 SEO Trend 2020 – Users look for superb digital experiences

    Regardless of the uniqueness of your content, it won’t matter when your web page does not load fast or when it has got a complicated user interface. This has been proved that an internet user does leave web pages when they don’t load in some seconds, and so, it is hugely vital in the atmosphere of SEO. Even only a second delay in the loading time of a page will result in a massive loss for a business. When you augment the speed of your page, you need to concentrate on the users’ experience. Navigation must be easy to understand and logical, and so, you shouldn’t use words or jargon that happens to be unacquainted with your audience.

    Though you might think of something clever or creative, you have to think from the side of your viewers. You have to understand their point of view as when they do not become convinced; they will bounce from your web pages plus get to the SERP. Always remember that impressive bounce rates would affect your search ratings negatively. 

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  • #12 SEO Trend 2020 – The length of your content

    It has already been discussed the method in which bar should be escalated on the content’s quality that people publish, but it is also important to mention length too. A web page that comprises long, high-quality content commonly achieves more visibility as people opt to get all their needed info from only one reliable source. According to studies, pages that comprise articles that happen to be of 2000 words or more than this get more readers compared to the articles that comprise only some words. But, an impressive word count alone isn’t sufficient as the content should be rich and comprehensive enough for answering all the questions that users have. Ideally, a person needs to publish nothing but high-quality content so that his website continues to remain active.


SEO is a very essential one for every business in the digital world. If you’re already closely associated with these trends, then that’s great—it’s time to focus more on them so you can generate more traffic from the digital medium.

But if you still have questions and need help with SEO services, just drop us your queries.



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