A Brief List of the Essential Add Ons for SEO Experts

Search Engine Optimization is a super complex thing actually. Putting a label on what is it is rather difficult, given the immense ambiguity involved with it. Essentially, the experts employ a set of specific strategies after a careful assessment of unique project parameters. The applicability needs to be organic (instead of manipulative as per online standards), consistent, and relevant especially for the site promotions in question.

How it works

These methods range from content promotions, social media activity, bookmarking, backlinking, and blog commenting among other things. Essentially, the idea is to identify a potent keyword or keyphrase combinations that can lead a visitor naturally to a particular site depending on its ranking in search engines. Achieving this ranking is again an intertwined aspect because you would be in the hallowed list of Googled sites on its first page only after successfully employing a running set of SEO methods.

Professionals in this field depend on analytics study to determine the various methods that should be best for the promotions. Browser add ons such as SEO quake, Moz Bar, and majestic seo serve crucial roles in delivering real-time analytic outputs. The following sections briefly introduce you to the basic benefits of integrating these in your browsers. Other popular tickers in this category include redirect path checker addon and the well-known ‘check my links’.

  • The Mozbar: The original SEO tool is relevant even to this day. In fact, using Moz Bar was once very much like a passage of rite for any SEO professional, and even today it still has a significant appreciation, despite the fact, there are several alternatives. It provides updated stats on crucial parameters such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Speed Load, markup, headings, and alt text for specific keywords and pages.
  • SEO Quake: This one is a very basic add-on, suitable mostly for new professionals exploring the potential of digital web applications. However, it is one of the very few that sports multi-browser compatibility. Its feedbacks include stats on keyword density, meta information, and social shares.
  • Majestic SEO: This one is regarded as one of the top competitors of Features delivered with Majestic SEO include feedbacks on a number of links, link profile charts, citation flow, and a number of root domains. It is absolutely essential for backlinking management.

  • Check My Links: This essential web application helps the webmaster to determine in a quick glance whether all the embedded links on a page are working. Broken links inevitably tend to bring down site rankings, which is unfortunate because the integrity of a connected site is not the responsibility of the original webmaster. Nevertheless, one should be aware all the time and replace the broken ones with good links after checking the page with this color-coded add on system.
  • The Redirect Path Checker: Redirect Path Checker is a very simple application, but it can definitely be put to great use to interpret the redirecting mechanism on your page. Identify, how users are being led to your site to control your presence or absence in the redirection chain. Use it at par with the other tools mentioned above in developing a comprehensive SEO strategy.


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