12 SEO trends in 2020 that will influence your digital

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique that is constantly changing. SEO is vital for website owners, digital marketers, and brands because, with the help of an SEO, the websites appear in searches when someone asks a query. It enhances the visibility of a website in SERPs that results in more traffic […]Read More

Affiliate Marketing 2020 – A Simple Guide for Marketers

Affiliate marketing 2020 is viewed as the process in which an affiliate does earn a commission for marketing the product of a different person or company. Commonly, the affiliate looks for a product he enjoys before promoting that product and earning some profit from every sale he makes. The sales get tracked through affiliate links […]Read More

Product Marketing- A Helpful Guide in 2020 for Every Marketer

Marketing concepts, strategies, and its successful implementation gratify customer needs, augment sales, maximize profit and give an edge over the competitors. Marketing is a branch of management which formulates and executes strategies which build a bridge of beneficial relationship with the targeted clientele. There are five key substitute concepts on which a marketing strategy is […]Read More

How marketing strategies Influence the Customers Pricing Choice

It is said “Price discounts everything”, all marketing strategies and plans are aimed at the pricing decision of the product. The core purpose of every business is to create and maintain profit by increasing sales. Some sales are profitable than others, depending on factors like cost of marketing, advertisement, proper management, and other overhead expenses. […]Read More