10 deadly reasons for why websites fail

The way websites are built and the ways products and services are marketed online have not evolved with the change in consumers’ behavior in the last decade. Buyers want to have more information and they want to be entertained and educated but rather than focusing on these aspects, websites stuff content that is not useful […]Read More

Lead Generation – How to Build Your Strategy and Generate

Broadly speaking, lead generation can play a critical role in growing your B2B enterprise It can be your key to cut through the noise,  build a lingering relationship with consumers, as well as influence the overall purchasing process. However, the most significant challenge could be getting it done correctly. At least this is what 61% […]Read More

Google buys Fitness Tracking Company Fitbit for $2.1 Billion

Fitbit is in the news. Fitbit is a pioneer company in the fitness tracker and wearable technology market and Google is buying this company for $2.1 billion. Google’s parent company Alphabet shall buy Fitbit, putting this tech giant with Apple. The stock of Fitbit surged 16 percent and the Alphabet’s shares surged about 0.8 percent. […]Read More