Facebook Branding Appears in Latest Beta: Report

Facebook owns WhatsApp and Facebook is gradually changing its branding for WhatsApp and Instagram. The names of WhatsApp and Instagram will be changed to “Instagram by Facebook” and “WhatsApp by Facebook.” This new branding shall appear shortly. According to reports and users on Twitter, the beta variant is not simple any longer. It will be known as WhatsApp by Facebook.

This announcement has come just after a few days Facebook rolled out “Fingerprint lock” feature for its Android users. You can see this tag under WhatsApp Settings. It gives a clear indication that Facebook is marking its territory. Facebook has kept this app separate still the company wants a unified platform.

Facebook, the social networking platform bought WhatsApp in February 2014 and it ensures that the public knows about it. When it will enable Fingerprint lock feature, it will allow people to use fingerprint for opening WhatsApp.

Beta version

The change is a part of the WhatsApp’s beta version. Most users may see it when they update the regular WhatsApp. This business variant shall be called Whatsapp Business by Facebook. The change in its branding shall not have bearing on the present WhatsApp experience. The change is just the change in the name. However, this change is important because the changes shall have an effect on the experience people have with Facebook.

Previously, people heard that this social media platform was trying to integrate its chat services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Messaging on a chat platform. This interface shall not change. However, the integration can aim to allow users of these three chat services where they can communicate with each other minus the need for a separate account.

For instance, when you use Facebook Messenger and if you want to talk with a person who uses WhatsApp, you can do that when the integration happens. Prior to such integration, Facebook is trying to make people familiar with the integration idea by changing the name of WhatsApp to WhatsApp by Facebook between the users of Facebook.

Fingerprint lock

When the feature of Fingerprint lock is enabled, people can use fingerprint for opening WhatsApp. Users can answer calls even if WhatsApp is locked. If you wish to enable it, you have to open WhatsApp Settings. Thereafter, you have to go to “Account”, then “Privacy” section. Here, you will find the “Fingerprint Lock”. However, before that, you have to update the WhatApp version to Android beta 2.19.221.

The earlier update can get this feature; however, WhatsApp can be used for enabling features in the new updates. You should, therefore, install 2.19221. The change made by Facebook is not just the only change, which you will notice in WhatsApp beta. This chat app is receiving a new feature, which can hide the WhatsApp chats. The feature shall allow users in locking WhatsApp through Fingerprint sensor. For instance, if someone has unlocked your phone, he cannot open your WhatsApp or read your WhatsApp chats till the time they unlock this app through the fingerprint sensor.

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