Facts behind the Amazon Rainforest burning and how we all could help to resolve this issue?

For the past over a month, the Amazon Rainforest is under fire. It has been declared as an emergency state by the Brazilian government. Facing consequences, The President Jair Bolsonaro has announced a relief package worth 20 million USD. The announcement was made official by the President while attending a meet at the G7 Sumit.

Wildfires that trigger in forests are common concerns for the global population. Since 2013, it has been noticed that within Brazil, these incidences have elevated. As per stats, 85 percent increase in these fires within the Amazon has been recorded for since past few years.

As noticed from the Air space, Brazil has experienced over 80,000 such wildfires in the current year. The stats were officially released for public awareness by INPE (Spare Research Centre) of Brazil.

Wildfires are events that are triggered due to increasing land temperature. As a result of the dry forest cover and grasslands, catch fire easily. Once this happens it triggers a type of chain reaction in another forest region. After some time the wildfire spreads out to cover major forest region.

What caused a wildfire in Brazil?

In Brazil, the month of July and August had experienced a dry season that was a bit humid and was also declared as season’s driest months. On account of this the land cover was very much dry and due to extreme solar heat, the forest cover was under fire.

These events can also be triggered naturally or on account of human beings. Within this region, most fires are on account of human activities that force them to clear out most of the forest covers for farming and cultivation activities.

Precautionary steps to control fire
Precautionary steps to control fire

How can we help?

There are a number of ways in which the general public can prove helpful during this time. It is obvious that a lot has been destructed in this fire incident.

  • One of the best ways to get started with helping is to offer a small amount of donation. Any donations can be made from your side that will help the local authorities to protect and safeguard the vast rain forest cover in Brazil.
  • You can also make a big difference by creating awareness amongst the general public. The awareness programs can be sponsored and run by amongst the general public about the importance of rainforests and methods to help protect them.
  • Get more eco-friendly is also one of the best ways that you can make use of for protecting our environment. Try and cut down less number of trees and try and use less wooden products. If you purchase less wood then it is certain you can promote eco-friendliness.
  • Try and consume less of beef products as more beef product consumption means more forests are cut down.
  • Try and make donations in favor of WWF (World Wildlife Fed.) that is organized and run by the US authorities to help protect rare species of plants and animals, around the globe.
  • Try and create awareness programs by involving more number of individuals to join the Amazon Rainforest protection movement.

You need to keep in mind that awareness is the only way that can help protect our precious rain forests around the world.

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