Free Google tools any digital marketer will appreciate

This is a fact that Google is the most effective and powerful search engine all across the world. Today, a person can’t imagine a life without Google. It proposes people answers to nearly every question and that too with some clicks only. Google delivers digital marketers with many significant Google tools that help them to extract the maximum from every platform. A digital marketer can use these resources and tools for helping him maximize the success of his online marketing campaign.

Google Trends – Trends is an excellent free tool which proposes an understanding of the search trends for search phrases and keywords. This powerful tool also develops a list containing rising terms, hot searches, and the regional interest for people’s keywords. A digital marketer uses this tool for assisting him with keyword research.

Google AdSense – AdSense is an ideal tool that helps marketers in making money from advertisements that are placed on websites and blogs. AdSense connects people with various other advertisers who wish to host ads that charm the audiences.

Google ads keyword planner – It is a portion of AdWords which allows a marketer to plan his paid search campaigns. The Keyword Planner is an excellent tool that helps in recognizing keywords for targeting relevant audiences.

Google Analytics – It is one of the most potent and effective tools from Google that help marketers in monitoring their website traffic.

Structured Data Markup Helper – It is an easy-to-use tool which helps markup content plus proposes HTML tags for adding to the pages of your website.

Google Search Console – This tool helps webmasters, marketers, and SEO professionals in understanding the way how Google views their web pages. The Google Search Console can propose people detailed indexing information and crawl reports regarding your pages from the index of Google.

Structured Data Testing Tool – This tool is a fast way of getting a screening for the structured data that Google can extract from the webpages that you are testing. It is an excellent resource for a digital marketer who is new to microdata.

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Google URL Shortener – Just like other URL shorteners, this version of Google works excellent for taking lengthy URLs plus making them easier to share and make them shorter.

Google My Business – This free tool proposes a chance for your business to make its appearance in “Near Me” in Google Maps. You can claim the listing of your business on this tool for making your business feature in the search results.

IP Address Range tool – Anyone can use this free and handy tool who isn’t proficient in a regular expression (RegEx) who requires filtering a huge range of IP addresses in the profile of Google Analytics.

Google Marketing Platform – This tool is united analytics and advertising platform that turns marketing smarter and faster. Additionally, it delivers enterprise-level solutions meant for businesses that require more muscle in marketing.

Google for Startups – This tool is hugely helpful for startups that thrive all across the globe and it brings the best connections, practices, and products of Google for allowing startups for developing something extraordinary.



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