How to convert the Normal TV to Smart TV using Amazon FireStick

Smart TV can easily stream shows and movies and the newer TV models provide smart home integration and voice control. The regular televisions are around for several decades, they do just one thing; receive a signal from cable, HDTV antenna, and A/V source. These were great when there were just TV viewing options; however, these days the world expects something smarter.

Benefits of Smart TV

Smart TVs, just like smart home devices and smartphones, provide internet connectivity and support various apps. This has opened up a new world of entertainment options right from streaming video on Hulu and Netflix to play games, check social media that control various gadgets that include devices working with Alexa and other Google-compatible products.

Smart Android TV

As the name implies, Android TV is a version of the Android mobile operating system, which has been configured for TVs. This description does not mean the way Android TV is different from Android. Rather than providing you with a lot of apps such as weather, search, and stock, the home screen of Android TV focuses on helping you find out the content that you may enjoy on your television; whether through subscription services such as Google Play Music or Netflix or your personal media collection such as Plex.

Covert your Normal TV to Smart TV

How to convert tv into smart tv? Android TV can access the Google Play App Store, wherein you will find several apps that have specifically designed for Android TV. It means you will not struggle to read small texts or try to navigate apps. With every version, you will get Google Assistant to voice control for TV content and smart home products.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a device that enables you to stream video content to television through your internet connection. The Fire Stick can be plugged into your television’s HDMI port, thus, giving you access to your favorite movies, TV shows, music, photos, subscription services, and games. The Fire Stick has all the contents, and you can easily transport it.

Fire Stick is available in two models, and they have a few things in common. Every device can access more than 15,000 games and apps such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, ESPN, YouTube, and many more.

Experiencing the new Technology

Amazon Fire Stick needs internet connectivity that you can connect through Wi-Fi. This device connects to your television via HDMI ports. Once it is activated, it goes through a setup process, connects to the Amazon account, and logs into the pre-existing services.

Any music or digital video purchase via Amazon shall be automatically available once you have logged on. The photos that you have uploaded to Amazon Cloud Drive shall be available for viewing. Every Amazon Stick has a Bluetooth remote, so you can control your TV when you are out of sight. Fire Stick remote has Alexa Voice, which means you can see contents simply by saying. So, you can say that the possibilities are many.

Amazon’s Fire Stick is a basic model, and it is a great bargain. You can access all the channels and apps with the expensive version of FireStick, called Fire TV.

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