It’s time to choose a health plan during open enrollment

What is Open enrollment period?

The open enrollment period is a time period every year when people enroll for health insurance. When you do not sign up for any health insurance plan at the time of open enrolment, you cannot sign for a health plan until the subsequent open enrollment period unless you go through a qualifying event.

When you are eligible and you apply for health insurance at the time of open enrolment, the plan should insure you. A company cannot use underwriting or insurability evidence as both of these make it difficult to receive health insurance.

An open enrollment period is common for:

  • Job-related health insurance
  • Medicare
  • Market health insurance due to the Affordable Care Act (it is applicable in health insurance exchanges as well as outside the exchanges)

The open enrollment period for 2019

Open enrollment national health insurance period for medical coverage starts on 1st November 2019, though the dates differ by state. The Open Enrollment Period 2019 runs from 1 November 2019 to December 15, 2019. When you do not act by 15 December, you will not receive 2019 coverage till the time you become entitled for a Special Enrollment Period. So, It’s time to Choose a health plan during open enrollment.

Big mistakes to avoid medicare open enrollment

The open enrollment is a huge opportunity for several millionaires who want to make alterations to their health plans. These changes may lead to lower costs and significantly improved coverage. If you are someone and you cannot wait to make alterations, you must know open enrollment is an occasion for significant enrollment blunders.

Some of the big mistakes that you should avoid include the following:

  • Every year, you will receive Notice of Change. The document outlines the changes that are introduced in the forthcoming year related to coverage and costs. Deductibles, premiums, copayments, and coinsurance are not cheap and price increase may surprise you when a new plan starts. Losing coverage for medications or services that you use regularly may cost you more as out of pocket expenses.
  • Read the change notice annually to ensure you can afford an updated plan and also make sure that you are covered for health care.
  • People sign up for health plan depending on recommendations from their neighbors, friends or spouse who have had a very good experience. Some people select a plan depending on the brand name and its reputation. This may sound well for them, but you should not let these recommendations make a decision on your behalf. Your health may be unique. Your medical history is different from others. Others may not use the same medications or the same doctors. So, your medical needs shall vary from your family and friends.
  • Insurance companies have an objective to offer health care; however, in a capitalist country, the main goal is changing into a profit. The insurers compete with one another and it may work to your benefit. Take your time to compare the costs and the ones that shall save you money.

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