October: The purpose of Cyber Security Awareness Month

Held every October, NCSAM (National Cyber Security Awareness Month) happens to be a collaborative work between the industry and government for raising consciousness regarding the significance of cyber security and ensuring that all Americans possess the resources they require for being more secure and safer online.

The mission of NCSAM 2019 is putting stress on personal accountability besides the prominence of taking practical steps for improving cyber security at home as well as the workplace. The overarching message of this year concentrates on key areas, like citizen privacy, e-commerce security, and consumer devices.

However, everyone can get a chance to take part in National Cyber Security Awareness Month and following are the ways through which you can get yourself involved:

  • You can spread the word regarding cyber security by sharing resources from the toolkit of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2019.
  • You can also take part in the conversation on social media through the use of hashtags, like #CyberAware, #BeCyberSmart and follow various CISA cyber security outlets, @CISAManfra, @Cyber, @StaySafeOnline, and @CISAKrebs.
  • A person can also request a CISA representative for speaking at the October events.

The government Tweet about Cyber Security Awareness

Why October is observed as a cyber security awareness month?

October happens to be the last month when cyber professionals do schedule plus execute their yearly training and awareness programs minus panic. Besides the NCSAM, October happens to be National Domestic Violence Awareness Month too which people provide the acronym NDVAM for turning the conversation less awkward. October is the month for highlighting and championing privacy before turning the page on the calendar of cyber security to the new year cyber forecasts and year-end annual reports. These are the reasons for observing October as a cyber security awareness month.

The themes for Cyber Security Awareness Month in 2019

The 16th NCSAM is concentrated on encouraging proactive behavior and personal accountability in digital privacy, security finest practices, and drawing attention to various careers in cyber security. NCSAM 2019 is likely to address various online safety messages meant for behavioral changes and they are:

  • Own IT
    • Refrain from clicking and telling: stay benign on social media.
    • Modernize privacy settings.
    • Keep checking your apps.
  • Secure IT
    • Shake-up your passphrase procedure: develop unique and strong passphrases.
    • Double-up your login Defense: Turn on the multi-factor verification.
    • Shop safely from the internet.
    • Play hard for getting with strangers: The method of spotting and avoiding phishing.
  • Protect IT
    • When you connect, you should protect: Informing the newest web browser, security software, and OS.
    • Remain shielded while you connect: Wi-Fi Security.
    • When you collect it, do protect it: keeping consumer or customer information and data safe.

How can you protect yourself online?

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security industrialized some steps as they are modest for putting them into practice. Again, when they are implemented, they turn highly effective. The effective steps are:

  • Develop etiquette of maintaining good passwords.
  • Consent to the updates on your computer, applications, and mobile devices.
  • Make your email accounts and social media secure.
  • Remain vigilant on a phishing message.
  • Reserve your data securely plus remain known to the back-up processes.

Limit your activities in Online. Stay Safe and Secure. Otherwise, they can reach you easily.

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