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In recent years we came across the word SEO among the business entrepreneurs commonly Most of us don’t know what it means? How it is working? How it is helpful?  We will have a small summary about it here. SEO is about making harm to website’s visibility. We have certain strategies to be in mind like E-marketing, Organizational data behaviour, Voice search etc,

In this decade, each and every individual is having a smart phone with adequate knowledge in that. So as a result In recent days all can have social network links through which they can get connected with friends, family, relatives etc; whatever they wish to share among themselves easily they can go ahead through these social networking sites.

SEO 2016-17 Plans

Next is all about organizational data behaviour, which is nothing but having data in a proper structure and it is made available to users. It is used to enhance the search engines to retrieve data quickly and efficiently. This behaviour of data is much more prolific to achieve esteemed output through various search engines.

Hope you all are very familiar with Voice search. Voice search a very powerful tool to search and retrieve data. In a study it is found that 55% of the people love this option to find needed data. It makes them to use easier than to type. When voice search is taken for consideration it will help search engines to process easily the needed data.

Real guest blogging also one of the powerful tools in SEO to increase the traffic to our web sites or any other websites. In this guest blog we have to notice where we are and to what we meant for. Am having a blog for Healthy foods but taking guest write ups for Super fast cars in world that doesn’t bring any value to readers. Whereas guest post from one of the world’s renowned chef about chicken then my blog & guest post will add spices to reader. Though they are different they links geographically as Foods.

Guest blogging have two major advantages in creating blog posts they are as follows firstly when other user post to your blog or you post to other persons blog your knowledge is shared with them. On sharing a qualitative material outside definitely another piece of quality content will reach you. Automatically on giving such guest posts, poster will share their works in social networks they are linked with. Here contacts are increased because of this readers are increased for the blogger as well as poster.

Blog posts by various guests have another optimistic value for the readers as they can get more knowledge about various thoughts and ideas in a single blog they used to get addict towards the blog. As a result posts in the particular blog will starts increasing day by day. More number of posts leads to more number of guests to roam around the website. All these contents are very helpful in keeping website traffic increased always.

Guest Blogging also have some cons from the view of visitor or poster, all that should be taken in consideration for a healthy blog. In the Blog posts they share certain matters as good idea but they fails to express why the idea is said as good. They won’t be having clear cut objectives in their posts. Also most of the persons think that only a post is successful if it gets more comments and shares but that’s wrong. A successful blog is something by guest or owner but should be useful to reader regardless of its comments and shares.

Real Guest Blogging

Keywords plays a predominant role in increasing traffic, by giving enormous ads traffic can be kept high. Make the keywords long but splits into pieces so that it would be like a chain. A single word will lead to same posts. When the social media is concerned it is one of the powerful tools in keeping website traffic. Twitter can be used for small posts and facebook,  google+ can be used for larger and contented posts. Structure contents to images, videos, and less text content to keep traffic high as appealing presentations keep attracting various users. Keep you engaged by giving comments to posts, also keep blogs fast by having sufficiently optimized web pages.

As a conclusion Real guest blogging is going to be SEO’s greatest challenger to take search engines a bit high. When the strategies of SEO’s are considered blogging also done with correct analytics with appropriate consolidation sure it is all worth for!!



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