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What is the difference between the real and artificial in content marketing? Anything textual developed for online promotions must oblige with write-up guidelines set by Google. However, the top search engine maintains a very conscious low profile about providing exact guidelines for developing the best content.

They maintain this anonymity to oblige with the essentially organic nature of the internet and to allow the flexibility of constantly editing the algorithm to perfection. A general webmaster may not even be aware that there are certain mentioned guidelines provided at the Google blog! This is where you would need the assistance of professional blogging service. Experts keep track of the latest instructions and employ them.

Written for humans 

Among the various aspects outlined, the search engine mentions writing things readable by humans! At a first glance, the concept of human-friendly content may seem alien to anyone new to this. It only becomes clear when you realize that the deep annals of the internet also deliver several shortcuts like article spinners, link farms, and low-quality guest blogging.

Real Guest Bloggers

Apparently, there are software solutions that can rewrite an existing article automatically with alternate vocabulary and see that it passes the plagiarism check! There you have the idea of the differences between real and robotic over the web. In practical effect, your focus must be on finding a genuine guest posting service such as real guest bloggers. Professional companies like these employ experienced actual writers to develop each post with sincere attention.

A webmaster can harvest multiple benefits by selecting a ‘real’ service, as outlined below.

  • Avoid Google Flak

It is necessary to understand that all the artificial services mentioned above are completely illegal by online community standards. This is the reason why they are mostly concealed and available only through complex masked protocols. It should be rather unwise to think that the search engine administrator would not be able to see what you did there! In fact, a significant section of scanning activity by the engine comprises of finding (and banning) all fake activities of content development. Unless you do not want to receive a warning (or a ban notice) one fine morning, always hire companies such as real guest bloggers.

  • About backlink posting

Backlink creation is a vital SEM strategy. It essentially refers to posting original organic articles/blogs on external directories and then link back to the landing page for selling your product. This is necessary because search scanners regard such linkages as ‘votes’ or ‘recommendations’ of the popularity of a particular site. However, at the same time, a webmaster must be fully aware of the loopholes of abusing this. Firstly, you must focus on finding legible directories that do not spam the internet by link farming.

There are hundreds of useless farms over the internet that solely exists to collect any posts from anywhere and publish them without discretion. Although such strategies may seem like a shortcut, Google has had instances of de-indexing things like these. Many such agencies operate by opening Private Blog Networks or PBNs. Although even a good online promoter may use the PBN to a limited extent, yet they are often susceptible to abuse. Working with a trusted provider such as Real Guest Bloggers makes sure that you are with the right partner for a legit PBN setup service.



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