Things You Don’t Miss in Robben Island

It is certain that for many tourists, Robben Island is considered as a destination that is very special. This place signifies the important role played by the South Africans at the time of resilience and reconciliation movement.

The place has its own historical importance as it plays a very significant role in the emergence and development of modern South Africa.

There certainly are a very few places within SA that hold its historical value and Robben Island is one such place. The place is also a well-known prison of historic time. This place also reminds the local people of the struggle the nation had to undergo during its past.

To get to this place, you certainly have different means. You can just enjoy your trip via Ferry, which also offers tourists with the convenience of enjoying great views. The ferry passes through the canal system that also is known for offering some of the best scenic views of its time.

When enjoying the ride, it is certain that you can enjoy watching penguins, seals, and Dolphins.

What to actually not miss when visiting Robben Island?

There certainly is a lot that you as a tourist would never like to miss out when visiting Robben Island.

Nature View Of Robben Island

Enjoy ferry rides

The local tour offers with standard 2 to 3 hours of ferry ride that is also one of the best ways to enjoy local sightseeing.

You can approach the local companies that organize these ferry rides for an affordable price. This is also one of the best ways for tourists to enjoy the company if seals and dolphins. If you feel that you like to enjoy the company of nature and wildlife.

Enjoy best scenic views

The moment you are enjoying your ferry ride along with the water bodies, it is certain that you also get to enjoy the best sightseeing. You can also explore more of the most remote places and islands on your way.

Nelson Mandela Prison Cell

Robben Island is also one of the places that are a famous prison cell. This place holds its historic value as Nelson Mandela Prison cell. So the moment you visit this place, it is certain that you get to explore the prison where Nelson Mandela was captive. You will get to explore the books and manuscripts of this time in the Prison, some of which may also date back to over two centuries.

Best sightseeing at the lighthouse

Another great way to enjoy the Robben Island is to visit the lighthouse that is also an iconic place to visit. The lighthouse is a historic monument that was built in 1864 and is certainly known as the best creations of Joseph Flack.

Kramat shrine visit

Another great place to visit at Robben Island is that Kramat Shrine. This is a Muslim shrine and is located at the west side of the Islands. The place can be visited the moment you travel to the Maximum security prison as i9t is only a few miles away from this place.

Apart from this, you may also get to discover remains of the Second World War, as this place was considered as an important historical remain of the Second World War.

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