What is Google Chromecast? How do I set up on my TV?

Streaming services are getting a lot popular in present time. Google Chromecast is one such service that is very much popular. The chromecast is used as a type of plugin services that allow viewers to connect making use of multiple streaming videos on the TV set.

You can make use of this plugin to connect YouTube and Netflix like apps directly to the television set. This offers viewers the convenience to watch Live stream videos directly on the TV sets. The app is free to download from the Play store.

You just have to follow simple instructions to install the app and then it is available to be used.

So if you are looking forward to watching cheap videos on your TV sets then Chromecast is the right app. It is considered as a type of Live streaming device that allows users to stream live videos for a cheaper price. You can also access multiple streaming videos at the same time using the Google Chromecast app.

The app can also be used for watching content directly from the Chrome web browser to the TV set.

The process to set up Google Chromecast directly to the TV set

The moment you have to make use of this app you have the convenience to make use of the HDMI port to get connected to the TV set directly from iOS and Android devices.

Using the Chromecast app from your Android device

To best use this feature from your Android device you just have to make use of HDMI port for plugging in Chromecast to your TV set. A USB cable can be best used for connecting the Chromecast directly to the TV set. You can also get it connected to the wall adapter which can be used for powering the Chromecast.

Once you have connected the Chromecast then you just have to switch on the TV set. To make the settings you just have to make a selection of HDMI input. You can make use of both source option or Input option to get it connected. The selection can be made from the HDMI menu.

The next thing that you have to do is to connect the wireless network to the Android device. It is obvious that your network should support the wireless network. The option can be found on the settings app menu. Here you have to make the right selection of the home network system.

The app for Google Chromecast has to be selected from the Play store, via your Android device. Once selected you just have to install the app and run it after making a few simple settings.

Installing Google Chromecast via iOS setup

The process of setting up can also be made from an iOS device for which you again have to make use of HDMI port. Hereunder the setting option you have to make a selection of an iOS device that can be done by selecting a wireless network and Chromecast.

The installation app is available on the play store and the process of installation has to be made after entering basic setups and then run option.

In both cases, the process of installation takes only a few minutes, and once installed you can watch YouTube and other Live streaming videos directly on the big screen.

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