Why Is 5G technology bad for our health?

5G technology is making its way all across the globe. Many organizations and government agencies advise that there are not adequate reasons to become alarmed regarding the effects of RF waves on our health. However, there are some experts who do not agree on this.

5G is the next generation of mobile technology. This technology promises faster streaming, browsing, better connectivity, and downloading speeds. G is a natural evolution related to increasingly technology-oriented society.

Besides enabling high-speed streaming for the latest movies, this technology is designed to reduce latency and enhance capacity. For integrated applications including self-driving cars, robotics, and medical devices, the changes shall play a huge part in the way we adopt technology in our daily lives.

Why is 5G different?

5G is the newest mobile communication generation that employs higher bandwidth and frequencies thus enabling users in transferring wireless data much faster compared to other cellphone standards.

The earlier G networks used frequencies that ranged between 700 MHz- 6GHz, This 5G network operates on frequencies that are between 25-100 GHz. 4G is almost 10 times faster compared to 3G. 5G is expected to be 1,000 faster than 4G.

It has been predicted by Ericssion that by the year 2024, G shall extend to more than 40 percent of the world total population. It shall have the ability to travel large distances.

Reasons for concern

It may seem that everyone uses or owns some kind of digital devices including a smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, or car. The radiation of mobile phones is reflected often in newspapers. Almost 250 scientists all across the globe signed the petition to the World Health Organization and to the United Nations where they have outlined their concerns related to cordless and cellphones among many other radio frequency emitters. They have risks of cancer because of the EMF or electromagnetic field.

The appeal made by the scientists outlined that Effects are increasing cellular stress, cancer risk, increase in genetic damages, harmful free radicals, neurological disorders, memory and learning deficits, functional and structural changes in the reproductive systems, negative impacts on well-being.

Health Problems If you 5G Technology

Living organisms will get affected when they are exposed to electromagnetic fields that are produced by transmission towers and smartphone devices. Damage is not restricted to humans because there is evidence that there are harmful effects on the animal as well as plant life.

2G, 3G as well as 4G technologies show that sperm, stress, neuropsychiatric effects and testicular damages such as changes to cellular DNA damage, electrical activity in the brain, and calcium overload may happen in humans due to EMF exposure.

When high-frequency fields in the range of 30-100 GHz used for 5G, you will find there are very few studies, which are known for mobile radio frequencies. When mice were tested after being exposed to EMF for almost nine hours daily within a period of two periods, they experienced alterations in their nervous system such as heart, brain, and tastes. There were reports of enhanced cell death also.

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