What is the process involved in Agile Methodology?

Agile methodology process involves testing and development of the error-proof system (software). The process makes use of the regular testing cycle. Within this system, the development cycle and testing are carried out hand-in-hand.

Getting familiar with its core value

The moment we speak of Agile methodology, it follows four basic core values which include:-

  • Team and individual interaction on various aspects including tools and development processes.
  • A very comprehensive documentation and software functionality (working).
  • Contract negotiation and customer collaboration phase.
  • Response to changing plans and regular follow-ups.
Process of Agile Methodology

What makes Agile methodology different?

There certainly are a number of features that are considered salient to Agile methodology method. These are features that distinguish the agile method with a waterfall method.

  • Agile methodology is considered to offer an iterative and incremental approach that is implemented within the software developmental phase.
  • When speaking of Agile methods, it is certain that individual methodology can be further simplified into various independent models. This makes the process of development and monitoring much simple for designers during any stage of the ongoing process.
  • The customers are also having a choice where the changes to the project at any stage can be made as per convenience. During the alteration stage, it is obvious that other parts of the project will not be changed.
  • As compared to the waterfall method it is obvious that the Agile method is considered to be more unstructured but a lot more flexible as compared to the waterfall method.
  • The moment you want to implement small projects or changes, it is certain that these can be made instantly as compared to the waterfall method.
  • The moment you implement Agile methodology it is obvious that errors can easily be fixed by the designers at any stage of the ongoing project.

Methodology for implementation

The Agile methodology involves a simple process for implementation which starts from Scrum and proceeds to Crystal methodologies, DSDM, FDD, software development and finally XP.

During the scrum phase, developers try and manage tasks that make use of the development environment. During this phase, a development team is introduced that makes use of breaking up the method and working in smaller teams.

At this stage, the product owner also creates product backlogs and sets up his own working team.

The moment you speak of scrum methodology, it is obvious that it includes the sprint, product backlogs and regular checkups by the professional team. In the end, the outcome of the methodology is considered to be better

The entire methodology of Agile implementation involves making use of complex Extreme programming.  During this stage, it is obvious that Project requirements are looked into. The process is tested via different case studies.

Each of the tasks has to undergo vigorous testing stage. This is important for acceptance and customer testing is performed during this stage. The crystal methodology includes following specific concepts including chartering, cyclic delivery and updates from its working team during product integration.

During the software development, Rapid Application Development is followed that also offers the Agile methodology with a perfect framework. Feature-driven development and lean software development is also used during this phase.

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